Vent. Listen. Repeat.

It doesn’t bug me jokes about gender tendencies.

“There’s no ‘I’ in denial.” Peter Serafinowicz

Ok, it does bug me a little. Who can say who talks more, suggests more, or anything else in a relationship? The couple does, which reminds me that I have something to suggest to my SO (significant other).

Have you ever applied this wise advice “vent, listen, repeat” to your SO ?


I have told my SO to start sharing with us his side of this retirement process we are in together. Surprisingly his response so far has been (drum roll, please) …… nothing. I know some of you heard me and are already developing great visions for retirement. Well done!

As for my SO and I, it seems time runs at different pace for the each of us. We are working on it.


I’ve been reading Sara Yogev’s book, A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement and Aging. According to her work with retired couples, the satisfaction we get out of our marriages could be diminished by the changes we face in retirement. “You want to ensure your retirement years will be your reward for the years you invested in your working life. It can include new challenges that energize and excite you and your marriage. And your marriage deserves the same care as it enters the retirement phase. May it be for you a time of self-fulfillment and growth in your relationship.” These are  Yogev’s closing remarks in her book.

Next week I will be celebrating my anniversary. We will be travelling and discovering new places. I’m excited! I want this happy feeling to stay with us. We have been committed to be real partners in life. As my dearest co-founder in this future retirement adventure, I want to listen my SO’s voice. I’m sure you too. I promise I will not jump with my suggestions!

Drum roll, again please ……………………………………. coming soon!


You can be sure I have more things to vent about and repeat the process again. I will put them aside for now. At this moment, I just want to remain in this listening mode.

As for Google’s gender, it is gender-neutral and full of suggestions, but it doesn’t have a buddy to bounce ideas with.

We humans connect with one another. Find your significant other, friend, family member, or connect with us here in the Retirement Cloud to start bouncing ideas of your vision for retirement.

We are listening!

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